Front picture of Rebecca wearing the shirt, it has a square print, that says "fuck the real world, I'm an artist" the words "fuck the real world" are black, on a background of light blue splattered paint, "I'm an artist" are white block letters, on a black background. All the letters are in the centre of the square screenprint.


In this image, Rebecca us tilting her chair and in mid-laugh. The cami is a lightweight black fabric, with silver chain thin strap detailing. The neckline of the cami is a slight V, not big enough to show cleavage, but ideal if you are wanting to show off a necklace. The cami is entirely sleeveless, but can be worn with a longsleeve top underneath. Rebecca pairs the cami with the Razor trackpant also by Stolen Girlfriends.
Rebecca wears new season Stolen Girlfriends Club.
This image shows the back of a jacket by Stolen Girlfriends Club, the jacket is a green/blue leather centre, with sherling edging around the hems and pockets.
Rebecca wears new season Stolen Girlfriends Club.
Rebecca, wears the Quinn full brief, that has a low waist and full coverage at the back, she wears the Grey and Mustard colourway, the band of the underwear is mustard, the underwear itself is Grey. Rebecca wears these with the Nisa Albertine Bra.
Rebecca wears Nisa Women
Rebecca looks at the camera, she is wearing a Nisa blue and maroon bra, she has a tattoo symbolising her time at the paralympics this is at the base of her neck.
Rebecca wears Nisa Women

Rebecca Dubber is an accomplished writer and sportswoman who holds a bronze medal for her efforts in the women’s 100 m backstroke S7 at the 2016 Summer Paralympics in Rio de Janeiro. Now, retired from swimming, Rebecca is the newest member of team allisforall.com. Below are a few of the stunning photos Rebecca features in for allisforall.com brands; Stolen Girlfriends Club and Nisa Women. Rebecca represents a step into the future of fashion. Alongside our other models, Rebecca is yet another example of the beautiful people who exist in our world and deserve to be as equal a part of mainstream fashion as anybody else.

A couple of years back, one of allisforall.com’s founders wrote for the Lonely Girls Project, that the conventional standards fashion and young people who were in pursuit of “beauty once yielded to are not “relevant anymore.” Although we have some steps to take until this is entirely true, we are getting to a place where we can show the truth of this statement – because of people like Rebecca.

You can follow Rebecca at @rebeccadubber

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