All Agency close up profile of Hannah, she wears a white fur coat and has a blonde bob.

All Agency at NZFW

We were beyond elated to be featured on InStyle’s ‘Badass Women’ list – but this list makes us so proud. Grace Stratton and Angela Bevan from ‘All Agency’ the modelling agency connected to All is for All are thrilled to be taking 12 models with access needs to the 2019 NZFW casting. We would like to thank Amy Mauer of Recreate New Zealand for helping us make this happen. Each of the models we are taking to the New Zealand Fashion Week casting has an access need. This access need manifests differently person to person – some of our models are Neurodiverse, others have a Physical Access Need – we are thrilled to have the support of NZFW to present these incredible models – their attitude, conviction, passion, and attitude is unmatched. If you are wondering what Neurodiverse means – neurodiversity is a concept that recognises neurological differences are to be respected like any other human variation.

a banner with all of the models photographed
Amelia stands against a black background with her hand on her hip. Amelia has strong eyebrows, brown eyes and a gorgeous smile, she wears a trench coat, and a necklace on a gold chain- her hair is shoulder length.


22-year-old Amelia works at Crave Cafe – a superstar, who has modelled before, Amelia has just recently taken part in an All is for All editorial shot by Adam Bryce.

Imogen is behind a grey background, she wears a bold red lip and statement earrings.


Imogen Zino, also in her twenties, is finishing a Masters of Design at AUT University – Imogen gets around entirely self-sufficiently – she is passionate about creating accessible design which supports this. (The earrings she is wearing are her own design)



Kelsey, who is again in her twenties is also an AUT student. She is the North Campus Representative for the University. Kelsey uses a wheelchair.

Geneva has a big grin and is looking straight at the camera with brown hair and eyes.


Geneva studies Te Reo Maori. Working in partnership with Talklink Trust, she is helping to design a prototype that will see a Māori synthetic voice developed for speech-generated devices.

Olivia wears a grey t-shirt, has her hands in her lap wearing pink nail polish . she has olive toned skin and brown eyes.


Olivia works at Stuff.co.nz as a reporter and has recently been in our All is for All editorial alongside Amelia and Kelsey, she uses a wheelchair.

Hannah has strong brows and lips, with short blonde hair, she wears a white furry coat.


Twenty-Something Hannah Moore, uses crutches, she is a student at Whitecliff and studies photography with hopes to work in Fashion. Hannah took part in Miss Taranaki’s pageant.

Nocole wears classes that are round, she wears a motorcycle jacket that's zipped.


Engaged to be married Nicole has an infectious smile and is a laugh a minute.

Stands with his arms folded, Vincent has a beard and wears a tartan overcoat and jeans. He's tall.


Quiet and reserved Vincent will surprise you when he’s in front of the camera & with his killer walk.

Abigail wears a pink top and stands with her hand on her hip and a funky facial expression.


When she’s not at work or taking photos for her own ‘fashion vlog’ on Instagram – Abigail is following fashion. The confident, bubbly young woman is a force to be reckoned with.

This image is a front on shot of the Athens Dress in the shade rosewood, Sophia sits with her hands in her lap, the full length dress, going down past her shoes. But sitting nicely on her, inside the frame of her chair. The sleeves of the dress are also full length. The dress is cinched in slightly at the waist with a hem, this creates pleat-like ripples in the fabric when sitting down, you can see these on Sophia. The neckline is also modest, it is a rounded neckline which sits under the collar bones.


All is for All model and super-star influencer, 22-year-old Sophia Malthus will be at the NZFW casting.

This image is taken from a low angle, the model stands with her hands in her pockets, she is looking powerful - gaze away from the camera. Her red hair is curly and goes past her shoulder, it is pushed back on one side, and forwards on the other. The Jumper is longsleeve, with a roomy fit, and the neckline is yoked. With a circular fit around to the shoulders. The cuffs of the sleeves are ribbed. The neckline is also ribbed and so is the hem.


Aelinor Holloway will be at the New Zealand Fashion Week casting she has previously modelled Zambesi, Penny Sage and Ingrid Starnes for All is for All as well as RUBY.

Image shows a light skinned, brunette woman in a wheelchair. She is in front of a white background and is angled to the right, leaning back slightly in her chair. She is facing the camera and is holding both wheels of her chair. She is wearing a fitted ankle length dress with a high neck and attached tie which covers most of her neck. The fabric is a light cotton type with tiny grey and white stripes, the fit of the dress is form fitting around the stomach area, and sleeveless. She also wears black slip on sneakers with a decorative black bow and white soles.


Newsroom Journalist, Paralympic medalist and All is for All model Rebecca Dubber has been an integral part of our work – we are so excited for her to be at NZFW.

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