A black and white image, Amelia has her right hand leaning against the windowm her other hand is in her pocket. Her hair is straight down. Amelia wears the studio shirt, a boxy fit, white shirt, with pockets at the front and t-shirt length sleeves. The white shirt also has a collar, and buttons which run from below the voice-box till the end of the shirt. In this image Amelia looks seriously at the camera and the hem of the shirt blows in the breeze.

Are digital humans the future of Fashion?

purple background drawing of group of disabled people reads "inclusion policy"

On its own an inclusion policy achieves – fuck all. To spark change an inclusion policy must live off the page it is written on, and translate into action. ‘Inclusion Policy’ is a mini-series produced by the Spinoff and accessibility start-up All is for All the inaugural block of three episodes will focus on the future of fashion – as one characterized by inclusive action.

This has been made possible by The Spinoff; with particular thanks to, Alex Casey and Tina Tiller.

Our first episode is with Danny Tomsett CEO of Uneeq Digital Humans.

This episode is in conversation with Grace Stratton of All is for All and Danny Tomsett, CEO of UneeQ. At the beginning of NZFW, the two companies launched a collaborative digital human, who is currently in its testing and feedback stages. The digital human is designed to help make the customer experience on allisforall.com/ even more accessible. Danny, who was mentored by Sir Richard Branson, discusses how AI can help reimagine the customer experience. Give us your feedback on our digital human who you will find here

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Kelsey has her hair slicked back and is leaning on a stair case as she sits on her wheelchair, she wears the trouser by Penny Sage, it is a roomy comfortable fit, with a slight flare. The polka dots are black with a white background/fabric. Kelsey wears white sneakers. And a wynn hamlyn top, that has a zip down the middle.

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