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All is for All is founded by Grace Stratton, with help from Angela Bevan. The two met at New Zealand Fashion Week in 2017.


Ange explains meeting Grace by saying,


” I met Grace last year, I think. She was at New Zealand Fashion Week, on her own, confident as hell, going to shows, meeting people. She had a blog at the time which talked about advocacy and fashion. She was 17 and finishing school. Then she sent me her CV, when I was the editor of a magazine, and I got her to transcribe an interview for me. She did the most exceptional job. I was amazed. I emailed her and said: I meet a lot of people Grace. But I’ve never met anyone like you.

Then she said: Can I show you my idea? ”



That idea was All is for All.


All is for All comprises an e-commerce platform, boutique modelling agency and a consultation service, each focused on the need to make all areas of fashion accessible for all people. The primary function of All is for All is to develop an accessible e-commerce space through assistive technology that we develop, and providing garment information that has never been widely available before, yet which is a purchase requirement of billions of consumers worldwide. These descriptions include detailed zip and closure instructions on garments, photographs of models sitting rather than standing, and search terms that speak to issues of concern for those living with access needs (for example Jeans Without Rivets). The search engine will begin in a basic form and be added to, as we learn more from the wide ranging disability community.



All is for All presents fashion collections in an inclusive way, and seeks to help others do the same with theirs, through collaboration and consultation. All is for All also seeks to support diversity in casting and media representation through a small agency. The collections available through All is for All’s e-commerce platform are consciously curated and the partners we work with carefully chosen. To buy through us is to support the value of inclusivity.


All is for All believes this value is best implemented when access to the mainstream is provided.


Both Ange and Grace have championed inclusivity in previous roles. Ange founded two modelling agencies; Hoipolloi in the early 2000’s and The Others, which she ran with Imogen Wilson. Both agencies advocated for unique people to be a part of the modelling scene and carved a new path for the culture of New Zealand fashion to follow. The Others made a commitment to not take their models measurements, they stuck to this until their closing in late 2017. Ange’s commitment to do things differently in no way stunted the visibility of the agency; The Others’ models were a part of campaigns for some New Zealand’s biggest designers, the take-away from this being that people want different, they want unique.


Grace on the other hand has championed inclusivity because if she didn’t she’d be excluded. Grace has been a wheelchair user since she was diagnosed at a year old with a disability. Her interest in fashion came out of a love for what it could do and how it could make you feel. A person may make a judgement about Grace, because of her wheelchair, but if she dresses in a way that makes her feel confident – then other people’s judgements don’t matter.


For Grace fashion was a way of expressing who she was, beyond what her wheelchair may communicate and the misconceptions this sometimes carries.


As with every misconception, you have a choice about what you do next and instead of allowing such a thing to affect you, or define your understanding of yourself; you can problem solve. All is for All is a result of Grace’s choice to problem solve.


At All is for All we commit to solving problems and eventually we will grow, scale and develop to serve all, as our name suggests; we will work with people to help us ensure that we are scaling and improving our service.

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