design considerations:


Accessible design: has been designed with accessibility of all users in mind, because of this, key considerations were made in the following areas for the overall design of the website:


Font & Contrast:
When deciding on fonts for we wanted something simple and easy to read. While we considered fonts specially designed for those with specific learning disorders our research lead us towards using a clean font, which we paired with a high contrast background to ensure ease of readability for all who use it.


Our website was designed using a responsive layout so you can shop with us using your favourite device with ease.


To ensure all users of our website are provided with the best experience possible we have incorporated rich, descriptive alt-text on our imagery and links.


Product page:

Specific to individual product pages the following considerations were made:


High Contrast Imagery:

To ensure our products are displayed clearly and cleanly to our users all our products have been photographed in high contrast (or with as much possible light)


In-Depth Descriptions:

Other websites have descriptions but has descriptive descriptions, from everything to design, fabric and colour to how to style the item significant consideration has been taken to ensure all users of our site know exactly what they are buying.


Audio Recordings:

We are in the process of making these audio descriptions better – hence our Uneeq Digital Human. We want to provide quality audio experiences, so for the time being while we work on solutions, you may not see an audio option. 

Alongside our descriptions you will find an audio file of some descriptive text. We want to make sure our information is as accessible as possible to all users of our site so this is another way you can access this.

NB: We love using this feature to multitask shopping with work.



Specific to search design we made the following considerations:


Inclusivity and Accessibility:
Instead of sorting our items by outdated and non-inclusive categories such as gender or age we have designed our search to put product use and accessibility considerations at the front of our store. You will find filters for fit, closures, ease of wear and many other categories. As our website grows and we take a human centred design approach we will add more of these features based of our users needs.

Have ideas as to how our site can improve? Contact us. 

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