In this photo Sophia is mid-laugh with a beautiful smile, her arms are back from her torso, you can see most of the pant, the pant is photographed from a slightly side on angle. It flows trouser length and is a bright cream, not a yellow-ish creme colour. The pants slightly ripple down Sophia's leg as she sits, it does so because the pants are a wider fit, it is not unflattering - so more comfortable yet flattering.

All is for All works with foundation partners RUBY to help implement customisation service for Access Needs

As part of their Toolbox for Change RUBY has implemented a customization service for people with access needs, this adapts garments for no extra charge. In October, All is for All spoke to RUBY staff about the customisation service, why it is so important, how to communicate it to customers and how best to engage with the disability community. We are proud to support and work with this trail blazing brand.

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