Hej Hej: 24/7 Shirt in Sky Blue


Hej Hej is run by an amazing duo who live a fair way away from one another; one lives in Auckland the other Shanghai. The twosome believes in fashion being fun “not intimidating [or] pretentious.” Hej Hej is a collection of immediately recognisable, whimsical designs made in a considered way from premium fabrics that don’t cost the world.


Hej Hej, like all of us, has a love for linen. When asked about fabrics Hej Hej says “We couldn’t find 100% linen that fit our style or budget, so we started making our own. Now we’ve expanded our collection of quality to include cashmere and silk. You’re welcome.”


Emma Sykes and her sister Nicki model Hej Hej. Emma wears the 24/7 Shirt in sky blue, Nicki also wears a Hej Hej dress soon to be uploaded. Emma and Nicki are two of our models in our latest project created with the support of Estée Lauder,  Kingsize Studios, Atomic Coffee, Showroom 22 and photographed by All in a Row’s Madeleine Brighouse.



Make-up is by Blair Gamblin for Bobbi Brown

Hair by Laura Bird

Emma and Nicki each wear Wool Runners by All Birds, Emma’s are the ‘Natural White’ variation.


Accessibility quick facts


100% linen fabric.


The shirt has a Mandarin collar with small buttons running down from the top centre neckline – these buttons run a quarter of the way down the shirt, they are a shell-like colouring, silvery grey. Also known as Hej Hej’s ‘famous real shell buttons’


A Mandarin collar is a short stand up colour so it adds detail to the shirt without folding being required so if you struggle to fold your collar this might be a good option if you’re looking for the style of a collar without hassle.


No other closures or zips.


The shirt is an oversized fit so is comfortable and can be easily tucked into other things.


The shirt has splits at the side which Hej Hej says keeps the shirt cool, but additionally, it makes it easier to pull the shirt on and off and keeps it comfortable.





This top by Hej Hej will become a staple in your wardrobe. The linen shirt is light and breezy but also easy to tuck into pants or skirts so it can easily transition from day to night or be comfortable workwear.


The slits on either side of the shirt make this top a breeze to get on and off – the oversized fit of the top also means that you can slip this top on with ease.


The numerous buttons on the top are small so this might be an issue for those who require help with dexterity, you may not be able to leave the top buttons done up and slip the top on, but you could leave the bottom buttons done up and slip the top on. The success of this would be down to the individual so you might like to test and trial.


The top has a drop shoulder this means that the seam of the garment is not on the shoulder itself but on the upper arm, this contributes to the comfort of the shirt.


The length and style of the shirt is ideal for those who use wheelchairs as you will have full range of motion. The sleeves of the top are full length and cuffed, you might like to roll them up if pushing a wheelchair – just so the edge of the sleeve cuff doesn’t get dirty.

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