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Penny Sage is designed by Kate Megaw. The brand has an appreciation for craftsmanship, sophistication and experimental pattern making. Penny Sage has a loyal following and is known for standing steadfast for their beliefs in both impeccable construction and ethical practice. Resultingly, Penny Sage is a brand to watch every season; you’re guaranteed to fall in love with something – if not everything – in a collection.


Accessibility quick facts: 


100% Cotton


Slight V neck.


The bodice of this dress slightly flares and ends at the shin.


The dresses floaty shape makes it roomy and able to be slipped over your head and your arms placed in.


No other closures.


The sleeves billow out and cinch in with a small button that is white and shell in fabric, on the outside edge of the cuff of the sleeve, this shape may interfere with using your wheelchair if you use one.


Shin length dress; so not too short to sit down in, or too long that it is uncomfortable to sit in.


Penny Sage was one of the first brands to partner with All is for All.



The slate stripe Ayak Dress is able to be slipped on as it has a slightly flared bodice.


The billowed sleeves are comfortable and support a full range of motion, however, as they billow quite significantly this may interfere with your ability to push mobility aids, or result in your sleeves being muddied; you might like to keep this in mind when deciding to purchase. The small button at the wrist is a detail on the outside edge, where the sleeve cinches in, this cinch also creates pleats at the wrist of the sleeve.


This is an elegant dress, that is easy to slip on, comfortable and an ideal length. The Ayak Dress is not so short that it is uncomfortable to sit in and not so long that you spend time sitting on a lot of fabric.


The pattern on the dress, as alt-text describes, is a white and grey stripe.

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