The 2020 Levi’s® Pride Collection continues our tradition of supporting the LGBTQ community, with 100% of net proceeds benefiting OutRight Action International who are working to advance human rights for LGBTQ+ people all over the world. All is for All is proud to offer a curation of Levi’s garments.



Accessibility Quick Facts


Crew Neck, sleeveless top.


Three words on the white singlet read: use your voice. ‘Use’ and ‘your’ are black – ‘Voice’ is coloured rainbow.


The singlet is roomy, easy to slip on, with no closures, zips.


100% cotton.


The Levi’s Pride collection makes a call for us all to use our voices. This singlet is roomy, entirely accessible, comfortable and stylish. And it includes a clear call to action: Use Your Voice.


In a world that often tells us to hide our differences, minimise them to fit in, let us be proud to be different – by investing in items like these and brands like Levi’s, whose commitment to inclusion is alive.

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