Penny Sage | Pale Blue Novella Shirt Dress



Penny Sage is designed by Kate Megaw. The brand has an appreciation for craftsmanship, sophistication and experimental pattern making. Penny Sage has a loyal following and is known for standing steadfast for their beliefs in both impeccable construction and ethical practice. Resultingly, Penny Sage is a brand to watch every season; you’re guaranteed to fall in love with something – if not everything – in a collection.




The dress is cotton and ends around the shin. The fabric is durable.


The buttons at the cuffs of the sleeves and down the center middle are quite small so do require dexterity.


Self-tying fabric belt at the centre. This belt can be tied any way you like – our model has knotted hers.


The skirt of the dress slightly billows out, but not in such a way that is uncomfortable for a wheelchair user.


The dress has wide patch style pockets at the front (hidden by our model’s stance in the image) these would be accessible by wheelchair users and the large size of them makes these pockets useful.


The large width of the collar is easy to manipulate it does not require a lot of dexterity to sit flat.





The Pale Blue ‘Novella Shirt Dress’ by Penny Sage is something that can be worn from day-to-night. The fully buttoned dress could also be worn open as a coat, with the Penny Sage Gracie Tee and Flaneur Trouser styled underneath.


The multi-functionality of this dress is a part of what makes it so great. For those who do struggle with dexterity, this dress does have quite a few buttons – which are small, you may need some help with these. If you would like some other options of dresses without buttons, Penny Sage’s Cosmos Dress is worth looking at.


The skirt of the dress only slightly billows, so it will not interfere with your wheelchair’s functionality and the fabric of the dress (cotton) is fully comfortable to sit on.


Earrings worn by model are by Quim Jewelry. 


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