Penny Sage – Sophy Jumpsuit (Pink)

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Penny Sage is designed by Kate Megaw. The brand has an appreciation for craftsmanship, sophistication and experimental pattern making. Penny Sage has a loyal following and is known for standing steadfast for their beliefs in both impeccable construction and ethical practice. Resultingly, Penny Sage is a brand to watch every season; you’re guaranteed to fall in love with something – if not everything – in a collection.


Accessibility quick facts: 

Zip down the front of the jumpsuit’s bodice allows for easy removal of arms when zip pulled all the way down, or midway depending on your stature.


Standard zip closure.


Front Pockets.


Sleeve ends just before the elbow.


Slightly wide-leg or flare at the ankle.


Collared neckline.


Light Pink, but not pastel.


Penny Sage was one of the first brands to partner with All is for All.



The Pink Sophy Jumpsuit in Pink Denim and 100% cotton according to Penny Sage.

Every jumpsuit might be slightly tricky for those with accessibility needs, as it is something you need to take all the way off, to use the bathroom. However, the Sophy Jumpsuit lends itself to being more accessible than the average jumpsuit. The zip down the bodice when pulled entirely down, or even mid-way down depending on your stature, allows for easy removal of the arms, from there you can let the jumpsuit slide down, while also keeping hold of the garment, so it doesn’t fall to the floor.

To get the garment back on, you can slightly pull up the garment, so it is all in place and then slide your arms in and do up the zip as far as desired. (The zip goes up as high as the collar) The front pockets on this garment are reachable if you’re a wheelchair user. The Sophy Jumpsuit has a slight flare or wide-leg, this makes it ideal for anyone who wears leg braces which they’d like to wear underneath garments subtly.

The zip has a standard size closure to pull up.

If you want a jumpsuit style, that has accessible elements; we’d recommend this.

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