RUBY is a New Zealand based label from streetwear origins. RUBY is created under the creative direction of Deanna Didovich. The brand has a magic ability to bring out the youthful and adventurous qualities of every single one of their wearers, while simultaneously remaining elegant and refined. RUBY is one of the founding brands to sign onto All is for All, with Anna-Lise Sharma and the entire RUBY team being passionate about ensuring diversity and accessibility in their brand(s)



Imogen wears the Clement Tiered Dress alongside an underwear set by Lonely Label with make-up by Blair Gamblin. Imogen is featured in our upcoming project, focusing on elevating the voices of people from a diverse range of backgrounds all who have faced and overcame difficulties.


Accessibility quick facts: 


Main: 100% Polyester. There are no prominent tactile elements. The fabric is soft


The button at is at the top centre back of the dress, the button is small and white (same shade as the dress)


The button does up at the top centre – creating an elegant slit detailing down the back of the dress. On Imogen, this detailing runs until lower back.


The skirt of the dress is tiered but does not flow too widely. So it can be worn comfortably if you are a wheelchair user.


On our model, the dress runs to the floor on RUBY’s the dress runs to before the ankle. Depending on your height this dress can be styled with the Sissy Boot by RUBY.


The cuffs of the dress are elasticated, giving them some stretch and the ability to move up your arm if you’d like the sleeve out of your way to push your chair. The sleeve is not too wide, but is still roomy, giving you a full range of motion – without mobility interference.


The dress is sold without a slip. Imogen is not wearing a slip.


For us, once you undo the button at the neckline this dress can be slipped over the head and arms put in, this can be done comfortably because as above sleeves are roomy and the dress has some flow, so once over the head will slip down. Wheelchair users may find this hard because they’ll need to get the skirt of the dress in the right position.


If you have the dress and have figured out a different way to get it on, let us know.


Gentle cold machine wash with other whites.




If you’re looking for a long, elegant dress that does not have a lot of wide skirt to contend with then the ‘RUBY Clement Tiered Dress’ is for you.


On the RUBY model, the sleeves are sinched in as they are elasticated, they were styled wider on our model, but the elasticated sleeves give you the option to do either. The elastic cuffs also mean the sleeve won’t interfere with your mobility as you push your chair – and as the above description says, elasticated sleeves mean the dress has some room and movement, making it easier to get on and off.



If you’re sitting down in a wheelchair while wearing this dress, we’d advise that you arrange the hem of the skirt on your footplate, so it doesn’t drag or sit in a way that could damage or dirty the fabric.



The button at the centre back of the top of the dress is reachable for some with the ability to reach behind their head and do up buttons without looking, however for some this button might be a dexterity struggle, we’d recommend it would be easier to get help to do up this small clasp, than struggle. We wouldn’t let this deter you from the dress, because it’s a small detail to an otherwise rather accessible item.

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