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RUBY Sissy Maxi Dress


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RUBY is a New Zealand based label from streetwear origins. RUBY is created under the creative direction of Deanna Didovich. The brand has a magic ability to bring out the youthful and adventurous qualities of every single one of their wearers, while simultaneously remaining elegant and refined. RUBY is one of the founding brands to sign onto All is for All, with Anna-Lise Sharma and the entire RUBY team being passionate about ensuring diversity and accessibility in their brand(s)

The Sissy Max Dress is a part of the Art Class Collection.


Accessibility quick facts: 


No zip, pulley mechanism in centre to tighten.


Dry clean only.


Maxi dress, full length. With subtle ruffles that create dimension and movement.


Fabric slightly sheer. 100% Polyester.


Comes with a neck-tie that can be added.




All Agency model Aelinor, wears: Jenn Heel by RUBY with this look.

For more information about Aelinor, see ALL AGENCY.







Our model Aelinor loved moving in this dress; it is the perfect dress to twirl in.

A sophisticated maxi dress, the Sissy Maxi Dress comes with a tie, in the same black fabric (with the golden bunches of wild-flower pattern) you can use this tie around your neck, for a modern take on old glamour, or you can use it in your hair as we did with Aelinor.

There is no zip in this dress, but there is pulley of which you can pull either end to tighten the waist, the tie is long, easy to grasp, so should be sufficiently able to be drawn, this means that you’re able to control how tight you’d like the garment.

The fact there is no zip, means to put the garment on you can place it over your head, put your arms through and pull down, this makes it able to be slipped onto you. However, if you use a wheelchair, the maxi dress may prove hard to pull down, we’d recommend elevating out of your wheelchair, or standing up, to allow the garment to flow down and then sitting back in your chair, or getting an assistant to help you. This is what Grace did. Similarly, to get the garment off we’d lift over the head, and get arms out that way, this may also require an assistant.

The central pulley, however, allows you to make the garment as loose or tight as you like, and to loosen off the garment before taking the garment off, this means you’re able to lessen the degree of difficulty you might have, by controlling how tight or loose the garment is.

You can see that the sleeve of the garment begins with a gathered cuff and then goes out into an initial puff of the sleeve, as pictured, the sleeve does not remain puffy, it is loose and flattering. The dress being majority loose in the sleeve enables you to push a wheelchair without any restriction.

The skirt of the dress has refined, subtle ruffles in the lower half of the skirt, which flow outwards at the sides. These delicate ruffles create the capacity for movement and flow, as you walk (or twirl like Aelinor) the dress can move with you. You may need to tuck some of the skirts so that it doesn’t get caught in the frame of your chair if you use a wheelchair.

Also, you can see from the images that the black fabric is slightly sheer.

A lot of maxi-dresses can flow a lot more than this one and sit outside your wheelchair frame, get dirty, ruined or be difficult to wear in your chair; this dress is more refined and thus easier to wear.


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