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Chris Dobbs began selling made-to-measure shirts door-to-door in 1987; he initially did this as a way of filling in time between the end of his business degree and the commencement of his career, this fill-in activity was the very beginning of Working Style.



Since then, Chris Dobbs and his fellow directors, Tim Dobbs and Andrew Cole have guided and shaped Working Style to become a legend in and for New Zealand Menswear. Working Style is characterised by their ability to make a man feel “distinctly dapper, but [with] the underlying feeling that he could do a valve grind at short notice if required.”



If this is what you’re after, Working Style has got you covered.



Accessibility quick facts: 


60% Wool. 40% Polyester.



A thicker jacket style might be heavy or slightly restrictive to wear if you are a wheelchair user.


Jacket has two pockets, one each side. These are toward the bottom hem of the jacket.


Zip from top to hem of the jacket, standard size zip. Also there are dome or popper buttons along the zip area.


Slim fit to the sleeves which are full length, still some room in them, but not wide fitting.


Overcoat ends past the top of the thigh.


Available in Grey and Navy.




This Overcoat comes in both Navy and a light Grey.

It ends past the hip and runs to about the top of the thigh, this means that you are not battling a lot of fabric if you are sitting down, but it’s slightly longer so will keep you warmer than an averagely sized jacket.

The composition of the overcoat is 60% wool and 40% polyester. It is lined too.

The buttons on this jacket are popper buttons, so are more comfortable to do up than standard buttons, these run down the coat. If you struggle with dexterity and doing up zips, you might be able to do up only the buttons and bypass the zip which runs parallel – but this adaption would be dependent on your size and preferred fit.

The two pockets on the overcoat are at the front, toward the bottom of the overcoat, if the overcoat is zipped up a person in a wheelchair might be able to use these pockets, but if the jacket is not done up, these pockets might sit outside from the body and thus be out of reach.

The sleeves are full-length and fitted, but not too tight – as this jacket is wool it is thicker, so if sitting in a wheelchair it might be a little restrictive and heavy to wear, other than that the fit of the sleeves are not wide so won’t interfere with your mobility.

Additional information

Length of garment (when standing)

Sizing for Overcoat

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