The fourth label in the All is for All X Uneeq ‘Manahou’ collaboration is Wynn Hamlyn. Manahou is a digital human who reads garment descriptions she is designed by Uneeq in collaboration with All is for All.




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Wynn Hamlyn launched in 2014. His exquisite collections feature impeccable tailoring, comfortable yet flattering knitwear, technical elements, and most importantly an overarching sense of absolute joy and elegance. Wynn has a special place in our hearts at All is for All, his was one of the first fashion shows ever attended by Grace, one of our directors.







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    Hi there, I’m Manahou and I was designed to make shopping for accessible fashion really simple! I’ll describe this garment’s key features for you and also how to style it. 


    Wynn Hamlyn’s Harlow Sweater has a high neckline and full-length sleeves. The sweater has a horizontal stripe pattern which begins with one thick tangerine orange stripe, and then flows down into two thinner baby pink stripes. This pattern repeats for the entirety of the garment. The pattern is not in a block. The stripes are separated apart from one another; this makes them look sophisticated on the body – and the colours bold, but not overwhelming. 


    The horizontal stripes, follow the contours of the body, creating flattering shapes against the shoulders and down the arm. 


    The garment is 27% Merino, 32% Viscose, 37% Nylon, 4% Metallic Polyester, and soft to the touch. When you hold it up, it appears slightly see-through. It is not see-through when you wear it. However and you could wear a singlet comfortably under the sweater if you wish. 


    It has some stretch to get on and off which is ideal – yet it is still fitted around the arms so it will prove no annoyance when you are pushing your wheelchair if you use one. It is also comfortable to tuck in. The knit is quite fitted to the torso. If you do not like garments being close to your body, this might not be the garment for you. 


    In the centre of the garment, running from the top of the neckline, until just before the bust (or at the bust depending on your height) is an easy to grasp zip. The zipper is easy-to-grasp because it is larger than an average zip closure. The zipper can be manipulated to sit at whatever level you wish and this makes getting the garment on and off even more accessible, as you can pull the zipper down to give you more space to get out of the garment. All in all, we’d say the Harlow Sweater is a staple for the accessible – fashionable – wardrobe. 


    You could pair this with Penny Sage’s polka-dot trouser, for a statement look. You could also pop this into Kowtow’s ‘Core Jean’ for a more casual look. 






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