The third label in the All is for All X Uneeq ‘Manahou’ collaboration is Zambesi. Manahou is a digital human who reads garment descriptions she is designed by Uneeq in collaboration with All is for All.



We have linked to the Ponies in ‘lightning’ which is also a shade of black, the ‘matte black’ is out of stock.


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Iconic brand Zambesi just celebrated their 40th anniversary at New Zealand Fashion Week with a Retrospective show that featured All is for All Agency models: Hannah Moore and Rebecca Dubber. The entire Zambesi team have been supportive of All is for All since we begun five months ago, we are so thankful to them.


Contact Zambesi if any item is out of stock to discuss a possible special order.





Read Text Script

    Hi there, I’m Manahou and I was designed to make shopping for accessible fashion really simple! I’ll describe this garment’s key features for you and also how to style it. 


    The Zambesi Ponies in ‘Matte Black’ are a super accessible pant. The pant itself is fully black, and the ‘Ponies’ have an elastic waistband. Around the waistband, the word “Zambesi” is printed. It is written in a block, capitalised font. The ponies are form-fitting to the leg, yet extremely comfortable. The pant itself is 97% Viscose and 3% Lycra. This gives them some stretch. These are pull-on pants, with no-closures, making them ideal as an everyday pant if you struggle with closures, but they might be a little difficult if you need assistance to pull your pants up and down – depending on your personal preference. 


    If you were looking to invest in quality, accessible trousers that look amazing on your leg but are still comfortable as – we would direct you to this pair. 






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