Connor Cahill-Fahey

Is the director of Origin Studio a hybrid storytelling agency specialising in communications with Generation Z. One of New Zealand's most promising graphic designers, Connor lent his talents to All is for All designing the "fuck the status quo" t-shirt and tote.

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We asked Connor what it means to him to "fuck the status quo"

The status quo sucks. Until everybody can be accepted for who they are or who they want to be then it will suck. All we can do until then is keep pushing and creating for what we believe in and try our best to learn and understand from other walks of life. That is what I'll be doing.

On universal design Connor says

Any designer, or at least any designer would tell you that good design should serve a purpose, it kind of differs from art in the sense that it should be less up to interpretation and more about making things easier, better or more advanced.

The best design, no matter what it is, makes things better for all people that engage with it. Universal design then is about creating things without barriers, and about understanding the audience who will be engaging with the design. By understanding that, it is always my goal personally to try and create things that can be used by all rather than tailoring multiple designs to multiple different audiences. The more direct and simple the design is whilst still achieving the goal, the more successful it is.

Connor considers design

One of the most crucial parts of everyday life. Every where you look in society, everything has been designed for a reason - businesses, roads, buildings, music etc. They all have a design structure. With that being said, I draw inspiration from a lot of different areas and people from a range of different industries. One of my constant driving inspirations however, is to see people who are making a change in their community whether large or small, that can truly impact other peoples lives. That's the sort of thing that excites me and makes me want to engage in the work I do, with the hope that I can also make some impact in my communities or help the people doing great things in their own.


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