This image shows the model with her arm up, bent, as she tucks her hair behind her ears. In this image you can see that the sleeves of the garment are fitted and the hem/cuff of the sleeve ends at the beginning of the hand. There are two buttons at the cuff of the sleeve, sitting vertical to one another (underneath each other) the buttons are the same size as the buttons on the front of the garment. The buttons are about the size of a two dollar coin (this being the buttons on the sleeve and those at the cuff) the tone of the buttons are a seashell like tone, a white tone with a sheen of other tones that are silvery, blueish and yellowy. In this image you can also see the stripe of the garment a little more, the repeated thin stripe is not a block stripe, but rather lots of little dashes which make up each of these vertical stripes. See more information in further images or at Audio description.

All is for All’s message reaches Japan and Germany: 障がい者がラクに服を選べるネットショップ

Former Paralympian Rebecca Dubber is a model for All is for All and says “the biggest challenge in fashion was dealing with people’s assumptions that dressing well was not something disabled people do. I was often made to feel uncomfortable going to a mall and trying on clothes,” the 26-year-old wheelchair user says. “I think one of the things I love the most about All is for All is the opportunity to begin exploring fashion and trying new things.”






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