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Twenty Seven Names is a proudly New Zealand made label by best friends Rachel Easting and Anjali Burnett. The label name is a homage to the list of 27 people who helped to get their label off the ground. Each collection is somehow overtly sentimental and hopelessly romantic, creating a wearable but unique sensibility. Garments by Twenty Seven Names allow you to hold on to elements of childhood whimsy, whilst also being the modern woman you grew into.


Accessibility quick facts: 


100% cotton babydoll style, long sleeve dress.


Frills down the front of the dress and at top of sleeve, the frills are tiered. The placement of the frills on the sleeve should not interfere with wheelchair propelling.


The skirt is comfortable and flows slightly outward, ends just after knee on our model; you may need to tuck the edges of the skirt under you so they don’t rub against mobility aids.


There is a single pink, hard material button at the top, centre back of the dress. This button is reachable if you are able to put your hands behind your head; if buttons are an issue for you it may not need undoing to get on the dress, depending on your size, but we would recommend making the assumption that this button would need to be undone as it gathers both sides of the dress at the neckline.







The Brighton Dress by Twenty Seven Names lets you hold on to the best parts of your childhood dress: bubblegum pink, frills and a touch of magic in the form of a slightly flowy skirt. However, by remaining refined, this dress still holds the adult sophistication that you are looking for. Best of both worlds!


The fitted full-length sleeves of this dress are comfortable, but not so loose that they interfere with your efficiency to push your wheelchair if you use one. The skirt ends just past the knee on our model, it is flowy in the skirt area so if you are sitting for extended periods of time and want to create shape around the waist, you might like to incorporate a thin belt to the look, or a blazer that is more fitted.


Otherwise, this dress is a dream, with only one medium-sized button closure at the back.


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