Stolen Girlfriends Club are in their own words characterised by “a youthful rebellious spirit, a healthy sense of humour, and the ability to entertain and empower.”


The New Zealand label was founded in 2005 by Dan Gosling, Marc Moore and Luke Harwood, the three friends set out to design that which they could not find in the market, 14 years later Stolen Girlfriend’s club is loved among thousands, both in New Zealand and abroad.


Stolen Girlfriends Club is one of All is for All’s first partners.


Accessibility quick facts:


Lightweight fabric.


Front is a Cowl neck, which is a neckline that hangs in draped folds.


Back is a slight V showing tops of shoulder blades.


No zips, closures.


Thin silver chain for straps at shoulder.


Can be layered with a long sleeve underneath.


A comfortable fit to garment.









This is the perfect top to slip on for a night out or pair with a long sleeve and layer.


There are no zips, buttons or closures on the garment and the fit is flowy and comfortable (if you wear a seatbelt with your chair, the edge of the top would cover a belt) and not at all restrictive.


Both the front and back necklines add elegant detail without interfering with the accessibility of the garment. The thin chain straps on the cami, add a textural detail and dimension to the top.


The chain straps do sit against skin, as the top is sleeveless; so if you don’t like textures like this against your skin, you may prefer layering this top under a long sleeve white shirt for example.


Top is Easy to get on and off.

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