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General Sleep means it is bedtime all the time. The ethically produced sleepwear blurs the lines between what you wear to bed and what you wear outside, tuck your General Sleep top into a pair of jeans during the day, then wear with the matching pants at night. Nobody will be any wiser.


General sleep is produced in India and Hand Woven.


General sleep is a label by Greta van der Star and Bailey Meredith, two of the raddest women you’ll ever meet.


Accessibility quick facts: 


100% Brushed Cotton. Brushed Cotton is a process of finishing cotton that means the fabric’s surface is extra soft.


There are no buttons or zips or other closures on this robe.


There is a tie on the robe – it is the same fabric as the body of the robe. This is a fabric tie which you do anyway you like.


This is a full-length robe sitting on Rebecca’s footplate – it is just before the ankle on General Sleep’s model.


Roomy sleeves make for easy slip off if you’re sitting on the fabric in your wheelchair and wanting to take the robe off – you can easily slip your arms out and then pull the fabric out from under you. Getting the robe on might require some shifting around to get all the fabric comfortably underneath you. You’ll need to consider your transferring preferences to see if a robe this length is easy for you to get on and off, but even though its long it is streamlined and not bulky, so would be ideal if you’re looking for length but not width.




This dreamy dark green robe also comes in a ‘Stripe’ colourway.


The central tie on the robe can be done any way you like. This is ideal if dexterity wise it is easier for you to do a knot than a bow. There are some loops which the fabric tie threads through. If easier you can permanently leave the tie threaded through the loops or Grace [our co-founder] would just put the tie around the robe in the position, she likes, and not worry about threading it through the loops.


The cotton is soft to the touch, so it poses no obvious sensory risks or aversions. General sleep suggests that best fabric care is a cold hand wash and line dry, using a gentle soap to wash. If this process is logistically difficult for you to manage, you can ask the team what their recommendations are for alternative processes.


The only thing to consider is the length of the robe. It is long if you’re sitting, as our quick facts indicate, this would be the case with all full-length robes, so we’d advise utilising a tailor if you wanted the robe shorter and more manageable at the hem. However, it is not too wide of a body on the robe so when tied shouldn’t interfere with wheels/apparatuses if you use a mobility aid.


The sleeves are roomy and full length. You might like to roll the sleeve up if it comes onto your hand, just to make moving around easier if you rely on your hands to use a mobility aid or to lean on things. The sleeves shouldn’t dirty on wheels/edges of your aid, because I’d imagine this robe would be mostly worn inside (even though General sleep blurs the lines between sleep and daywear, but hey, it’s your choice if you want to wear this out, all power to you – sleepwear all day!)


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