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The label Ingrid Starnes was established in 2009 by the talented designer who holds this same name. Ingrid Starnes is characterised by classically beautiful pieces which will last in your wardrobe for many seasons and never go out of touch. The Showater Jacket is a shining example of this, one part of a two piece suit, completed with the Showater Pant, this taffy pink pant is the perfect addition to the closet of any modern woman.


Ingrid Starnes has a special place in our hearts here at ALL IS FOR ALL – they were one of the first brands to support us.


Accessibility quick facts: 

Relatively wide fit at cuff of sleeve, otherwise snug fit to jacket.


Multiple buttons at front and a tie which can be done up, jacket is double breasted.


Fitted sleeves.


Jacket ends at hip.



Sophia Malthus models Ingrid Starnes, for more information about Sophia see ALL AGENCY. 


Images by: Greta van der Star

Wheelchair seating, by Medifab Limited

Shoes pictured by Kathryn Wilson with thanks to Showroom 22




The Showater Jacket is available in the pictured bubble-gum pink as well as checker and navy. Dry cleaning is recommended by Ingrid Starnes for this garment.

The four buttons on the front of the jacket are wooden, with a silvery shade in the middle. The suit jacket is a double-breasted cut, made with 70% polyester, 30% wool, for Navy and Taffy pink and 66% polyester, 15% wool, 17% rayon for Checker.  A double-breasted cut means the jacket is designed to overlap at the front and have two rows of buttons when fastened.

On our model who is a wheelchair user, the Showater Jacket was snug to sit in – and would be tight to wear all day, especially if you are pushing long distances throughout the day or on a commute, this might be tight to push in. However, due to the jacket not being very long, the hem of the jacket finishes at the hip, it is easy to lean forward and take off.

Accordingly, it would be possible to wear the Showater Jacket for a time and then remove it, easier than you would a longer hemmed jacket if it does get too snug.

There are pockets at the front of the Showater Jacket, these have a diamond-shaped cut-out, at the top. The pockets are useable for a wheelchair user, as you can see in the images the pockets are far enough toward the front of the jacket that they are easily reachable for a wheelchair user. However, when sitting down, you may need to tuck the edges of this jacket, so they don’t interfere with your wheels, this tucking may mean that you don’t have the full space of the pocket, but we estimate you’d still have around three-quarters, so definitely enough space to be useful.

The sleeves do fit squarely on the shoulder, which is nice and tailored. However, if pushing we do recommend you push up the sleeves, so they stay fitted, as, on our model, they had a wider fit towards the hand, which may interfere with pushing, or result in getting the edges of your sleeve a little dirty if they were to rub against the wheels. The tie around the jacket can be done any way you like.

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