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The label Ingrid Starnes was established in 2009 by the talented designer who holds this same name. Ingrid Starnes is characterised by classically beautiful pieces which will last in your wardrobe for many seasons and never go out of touch. The Tabouleh Dress is  a slightly tailored, detail orientated take on a relaxed shirt-dress.


Ingrid Starnes has a special place in our hearts here at ALL IS FOR ALL – they were one of the first brands to support us.


Accessibility quick facts: 


Small wooden buttons neck to hem.


Bow at top you can style as you like.


Flared Sleeves.


Gathers at hip level which bring skirt in.


Sophia Malthus models Ingrid Starnes, for more information about Sophia see ALL AGENCY. 


Images by: Greta van der Star

Wheelchair seating, by Medifab Limited

Shoes pictured by Kathryn Wilson with thanks to Showroom 22






The Tabouleh Dress is a relaxed shirt-dress, with a tailored twist. It has buttons, which are small and wooden in material/feel, these run from neck to hem.

The high-necked shirt dress also features a tie, in the same blue and white squared Gingham fabric as the rest of the dress. This tie can be styled how you like, left undone, tied in a simple knot, or a bow as we have styled.

The body of the dress goes past the knee on our model but may end before the knee for those standing in this style. The dress has a loose fit but is slightly tailored in by two gathers which sit about hip level. These gathers help give shape to the lower half of the skirt and give more definition to the users hip area. These gathers are subtle if you’re sitting down and they also help functionally, to bring in the skirt, so it sits in a gentle flow down to the hem.

The hem of the garment may protrude outside of your wheelchair frame on the outside edges, as pictured. We recommend tucking this in to protect the fabric and avoid interference with brakes when sitting in the dress, there will be a slight gap at hem where the two edges of the shirt dress come together and are buttoned.

If you’re sitting down, the hem of the dress may appear wider or more flared like, because you’re sitting on the back fabric, which pushes out the hem at the side. If it does flare we recommend keeping the sides of the dress tucked in, so they don’t get dirty, if they rub against your wheels.

Flaring the dresses skirt out may be more comfortable and less restrictive if you’re constantly sitting down. If your standing up the dress would be more subtle in its flare and fall straight down – either way, it is amazing.

As the sleeves flare on the outside edge, this might prove an obstacle when pushing because it could get dirty, however the end point of the sleeve is at elbow, so you should be able to push without too much risk of getting the edges of the sleeve dirty, assuming you push with your arms in a wide position, not flat against the wheel; but we recommend to keep in mind not resting your arms too much against the wheel of your chair and ensuring you style the garment so the point of maximum flare is on the outside, not on the inside edge. To do this you might need to shift the flare to get it in the place you want it exactly.

Additional information


Length of garment (when sitting)

Length of garment (when standing)



Gingham, Awning Stripe


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