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Created under the watchful eye of designer Emily Miller-Sharma, Liam is a seasonal collection of refined, classic and assured pieces. Both RUBY and Liam, which are made under the same New Zealand based company, have a magic ability to bring out the youthful and adventurous qualities of every single one of their wearers, while simultaneously remaining elegant and refined. RUBY and Liam are one of the founding brands to sign onto All is for All, with Anna-Lise Sharma and the entire RUBY team being passionate about ensuring diversity and accessibility in their brand(s)

The Carol Silk Dress is a part of Liam’s What Does Full Circle Mean? Collection.


Accessibility quick facts: 

Long skirt which falls to the floor


Closures at shoulder


No zips


Sophisticated halter neck


Pleats at the front and the back – coming from the neckline.



Model Zubaida, wears: Sasha Heel by RUBY with this look.







The Liam Collection, What Does Full Circle Mean? Is filled with classic, beautiful pieces. This silk gown is no different.

The Carol Silk gown flows to the ground elegantly and having its closures at the shoulder, this dress is sophisticated, whimsical, moving as you walk, yet simple and easy to wear.

The closures for this dress are at the shoulder. At the shoulder, there are two round buttons or circular apparatuses which you undo, to get the garment off and do up to put the dress on.

There are one of these at each shoulder; they are slightly bigger than a dollar coin. This method of doing-and-undoing is easy to reach and thus doable if you’re looking for an easy to wear garment.

One you undo these, you’re able to let the garment slip down and off you, without exerting much effort at all. To get it on you’re able to slide into it quite quickly, you might need some assistance to get the garment in place as you like it, but it doesn’t flow into too full of a skirt, so you shouldn’t be in a battle with a great deal of fabric.

The high neck of this dress is described in our alt-text as “a sophisticated take on a halter neck” – the design of the neckline, is both detailed and visible in images, you can see the detailing at the neckline, which is subtle creates texture and dimension for the garment. If you don’t like things interfering with your neck area, this mightn’t be a dress for you.

As you can see, or hear through our alt-text, the silk of the gown is soft and delicate to the touch and so creates movement and flow as you wear it, this dress truly is gorgeous and easy to wear.

You’ll also note in one image our model has her hands in the Carol Silk’s pockets.

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