The second label in the All is for All X Uneeq ‘Manahou’ collaboration is Penny Sage. Manahou is a digital human who reads garment descriptions she is designed by Uneeq and All is for All.



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Penny Sage is designed by Kate Megaw. The brand has an appreciation for craftsmanship, sophistication and experimental pattern making. Penny Sage has a loyal following and is known for standing steadfast for their beliefs in both impeccable construction and ethical practice. Resultingly, Penny Sage is a brand to watch every season; you’re guaranteed to fall in love with something – if not everything – in a collection.




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    Hi there, I’m Manahou and I was designed to make shopping for accessible fashion really simple! I’ll describe this garment’s key features for you. 


    Penny Sage’s Ivory Spot Flâneur trouser is a comfortable trouser. They are 100% linen, meaning they are lightweight. This colourway is in a contrasting polka dot pattern, white with black polka dots, with the patters 360 degrees on the pant. The polka dots are medium sized. On our model, Kelsey, the trousers fit with a wide leg that is roomy, but not too wide.


    The trousers have an invisible side zip, at the side, as their main closure. This is a standard size invisible zip. It may be slightly tricky for those who struggle with dexterity. The use of an invisible zip means that the trouser sits flat against the torso and hip. These are largely accessible trousers. The zip being at the side means it is easier to reach for wheelchair users than trousers with a zip at the back. On this colourway of the pant, there are no front pockets.






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