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Penny Sage – JUNE TOP (Red & Cream)


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Penny Sage is designed by Kate Megaw. The brand has an appreciation for craftsmanship, sophistication and experimental pattern making. Penny Sage has a loyal following and is known for standing steadfast for their beliefs in both impeccable construction and ethical practice. Resultingly, Penny Sage is a brand to watch every season; you’re guaranteed to fall in love with something – if not everything – in a collection.


Accessibility quick facts: 

Sleeveless, halter Style top. 100% Cotton in Red and Cream Gingham.


There small buttons for closures at, the back, the neck, and waist.


There is a wrap bodice which you can tie any way you like at the front or back. We’ve done it in a bow at the back.

The buttons are grey-blue in tone. There are two at the neck, vertically placed, the few buttons at the back are also vertically placed.


The skirt is gently pleated so flows outward elegantly.


Penny Sage was one of the first brands to partner with All is for All.




This top completes the Red and Cream June two-piece set when worn with the June Red and Cream Pant.

It is a sleeveless halter style top, with a tie at the bodice which is a few fingers thick, this tie can be done either at the back or at the front, you might also tie it off centre to one side if you like. For those using mobility aids you might consider tieing either to the side or the front, as tying to the back will be hard to reach or be hidden from view if sitting down.

This garment has quite a few closures at the neck there is a button closure, with two small vertically placed buttons at the neck to secure the halter. The halter neck is thin and flattering probably slightly less than two fingers thick and in the same gingham fabric as the bodice.

The garment also has buttons at the back and waist. The back buttons are vertically placed; these buttons were at the lower back on our model. The bodice tie then comes around after the buttons are clasped and are tied as you wish. Grace would need help with the neck and back buttons.

You’ll note on our model that the top is backless after the halter until the fabric at the lower back. The expanse of space left backless is from the shoulder until just under the bust.

Otherwise, the shape of this top is elegant and skims your torso nicely. It is a youthful, yet quietly adventurous piece.

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