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The fifth label in the All is for All X Uneeq ‘Manahou’ collaboration is Stolen Girlfriends Club. Manahou is a digital human who reads garment descriptions she is designed by Uneeq in collaboration with All is for All.



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Stolen Girlfriends Club are in their own words characterised by “a youthful rebellious spirit, a healthy sense of humour, and the ability to entertain and empower.”


The New Zealand label was founded in 2005 by Dan Gosling, Marc Moore and Luke Harwood, the three friends set out to design that which they could not find in the market, 14 years later Stolen Girlfriend’s club is loved among thousands, both in New Zealand and abroad.


Stolen Girlfriends Club is one of All is for All’s first partners.






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    Hi there, I’m Manahou and I was designed to make shopping for accessible fashion really simple! I’ll describe this garment’s key features for you and also how to style it. 


    Stolen Girlfriend’s Club continues their trend of ‘statement coats’ with this next piece. Our last drop featured the ‘Fuck the Real World, I’m an Artist’ patch on the ‘Menace to Society’ coat, now we have the ‘Love will save us’ coat. 


    This lined, wool-blend, full-length coat, is described as “supple” to touch. It runs to the footplate of our models’ wheelchair and to just above the ankle on a model who is standing. It is all black. The sleeves of the coat are slightly wide fitting – on the bottom corner of the coat are the words’ Love will save us’ printed in ‘Times’ font style capital letters which are also a shade of black, but stand out against the wool of the coat. The words are placed below one another, each on their own line. As well as this detailing, on the back of the coats’ lapel collar is contrasted embroidery, in a white gothic style thick font, with the word “stolen” – as if we could forget who designed this killer coat. 


    As well as this statement, the coat features two large pockets, each with flaps, at the front, and four large black button closures at the front. These buttons require moderate dexterity but are large so easier to manipulate. The front pockets would be reachable for wheelchair users. The coat also has interior pockets. These might be impractical for wheelchair users, as it would mean continually having to move the coat to access them. 


    All full length coats are slightly tricky for wheelchair users, but this one is not super heavy and has a slit up the back of the coat, running for a couple of inches until the hem. This, combined with the coat’s slightly wide sleeves, gives you some freedom of movement. However, this coat does not come with a centre tie, which means if you do not do up the buttons, the coat will sit open, this may not be practical if you use a wheelchair, as the coat will rub against your wheels. We’d suggest doing up at least one button when you wear the coat, to keep it centred. Additionally, for those whose wheelchair’s have side laterals, this coat might be bulky to wear with other things, so we’d suggest a thinner overcoat, for daily wear. 


    Our model Olivia, wears the ‘Love Will Save Us’ coat, by itself, making a statement like only Stolen Girlfriend’s can. You could add this coat to any look, for an instant lift. Pair it with the ‘Chain Gang’ slip by Stolen, for a night-out look. 


















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