STOLEN GIRLFRIENDS CLUB: menace to society coat


Stolen Girlfriends Club are in their own words characterised by “a youthful rebellious spirit, a healthy sense of humour, and the ability to entertain and empower.”


The New Zealand label was founded in 2005 by Dan Gosling, Marc Moore and Luke Harwood, the three friends set out to design that which they could not find in the market, 14 years later Stolen Girlfriend’s club is loved among thousands, both in New Zealand and abroad.


Stolen Girlfriends Club is one of All is for All’s first partners.


Accessibility quick facts:


50% wool, 50% polyester.


Pockets at the front, which sit slightly to the side when the coat is open.


Long coat – ends at ankle on Rebecca who is sitting.


Front lapels on the coat.


Six buttons arranged in lines of two are the closure to the coat.


Sleeves are full length, they are slightly wide in circumference,


Patch on the sleeve reads “fuck the real world I’m an artist” and there is also a black patch above the pocket which says “stolen” in capital letters on a semi-circle background.


The “fuck the real world I’m an artist” patch is black and white lettering against a black and light blue background. For more information about this style by Stolen Girlfriends see the Classic Tee.





As with all full-length coats, you may encounter some trouble wearing this, as it is a lot of fabric to sit on,


There is a slit up the back of the coat, from the end hem, for a couple of inches, this does create the capacity for some movement on each side of the coat, so you can shift how much fabric you’re sitting on.


The length of the coat may mean, that if you’re sitting down, you might need to shift the coat so it doesn’t drag on the ground.


Otherwise, the sleeves are not too wide, so should not interfere too much as you push. However, if you do use a wheelchair, the coat may gape open as you push your chair so we would suggest that you do up the buttons of the coat when you are pushing. Additionally, the pockets of the coat will be more reachable when the buttons are closed as they will be closer to you, but the pockets do have a flap over them, so this does keep contents covered and prevent things falling out.


The patch detailings add textural elements as they are raised, so if you look for textural elements you may enjoy this.



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