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Olivia a model who lives with Down Syndrome looks at the camera with her hands in her pockets, she is wearing a grey topic with a red and white line - with classic blue jeans.

This Is Me:
Adaptive Edit

In August 2021, THE ICONIC made its commitment to a more inclusive fashion landscape official – with the launch of its first-ever dedicated adaptive edit. We worked closely with the team, making sure the edit was informed by lived experience and created with a pan-disability approach.

Lauren sits in her wheelchair, she is side on with her legs crossed. She wears a pink jersey with a polka dot dress underneath.
Model stands looking at the camera, he wears a blue and red and white jumper with black pants.

All is for All consulted on the project end-to-end. Including, positioning, casting, and communication. We provided guidance around the use of language and insight into the different models of thinking about disability. The final edit is an important step forward in the journey to uplift the disabled experience and make inclusive design part of the fabric of the fashion industry.

Read about the Adaptive Edit on 'The Guardian' 'RagTrader' and 'Fashion Journal'

A group of disabled models lined up next to one another. From left man sits in wheelchair with his hands in lap, he wears a grey sweatshirt and white shoes. In middle, a man stands tall and to the left, he has one artificial limb you can see through shorts and a grey t-shirt, the last woman lives with Down Syndrome, she sits on a chair with a red and navy and white dress on.