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RUBY is a New Zealand based label from streetwear origins. RUBY is created under the creative direction of Deanna Didovich. The brand has a magic ability to bring out the youthful and adventurous qualities of every single one of their wearers, while simultaneously remaining elegant and refined. RUBY is one of the founding brands to sign onto All is for All, with Anna-Lise Sharma and the entire RUBY team being passionate about ensuring diversity and accessibility in their brand(s)

The Frida Silk Skirt is a part of the Art Class Collection and is expected in March 2019.


Accessibility quick facts: 

Coat ending at mid-thigh on our model.


Has a slit up the back of the coat which begins at the hem and runs for a few inches, this makes the back panels of the coat more fluid.


Three buttons at the front to do up coat.


One button on the outside edge of either sleeve.

Reasonably wide sleeve.


All Agency model Aelinor, wears: Jenn Heel by RUBY with this look. As well as the Simone Bow Top.

For more information about Aelinor, see ALL AGENCY.







The King Coat in Vermillion is  Main: 30% Wool, 70% Polyester. The lining: 55% Polyester, 45% Viscose. It is fully lined.

It also comes in grey.


The coat is a brilliant shade of red; our alt text describes the tone as a brighter, more saturated shade of marinara red.


Any coat is going to be slightly hard to wear if you’re continually sitting down or in a wheelchair, given that coats are made of a thicker fabric and quite long.

A thicker fabric makes it hard for those wheelchairs that have side-laterals to push in.

So the King Coat, like most coats may be hard if you use a wheelchair due to sitting on a lot of its length, you may have restricted range of motion when pushing/using your arms. If you’re able to shift, it is possible for you to make it, so you aren’t sitting directly on all of the back fabric, only some.

You do this by once sitting in your chair with the coat on, pulling up some of the material from the back, so it is pulled out from being entirely underneath you, and you have some wiggle room.

There are aspects of this coat which make it better equipped for others than wheelchair users. First, as you can see (or hear through alt-text)  the coat has a slit up the centre middle, at the back, which only goes for a few inches, this slit gives a little movement to each side of the garments back pieces, so it is not as static as a single back piece.


The sleeves are reasonably wide for easy removal of the arm.


Also, the garment only has a few buttons, which are big and therefore easier to do up than some other coats. The cuffs of the sleeves have the button detail on the outside edge, so it shouldn’t interfere too much with your self-propelling, but we recommend you do watch the edging of the sleeve against your wheelchair rim, should it rub.

We’d recommend you do get someone to help you position and manipulate the coat, to get it into a workable position if you are sitting down all the time.

This coat packs a gorgeous punch, and if you’re looking for a coat that is easier than others, we’d recommend this one.



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