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In this image Imogen stands in front of grey curtains, with light shining on them. The light is focused on Imogen's face, she has her hair up in an elegant plait which is on the crown of her head. Imogen's posed looking over her shoulder at the camera wearing a crimson red lipstick, the RUBY dress she is wearing is white, you can see the back of the dress in this image. From the centre back neckline until imogen's lower back there is an elegant slit detail in the dress, this does up at the top centre of the neckline via a small white button. Underneath the dress Imogen wears black lacy lingerie by Lonely Label, you can see this under the dress, the Clement Tiered Dress can be worn with a slip. The Lingerie has a cross-back detailing in the centre back of the bra and the underwear are a cheeky cut. The shade of white of the dress is a clean white, this image is taken from the beginning of Imogen's legs upwards.
New Emma wears the 24/7 shirt in sky blue it is a shirt with buttons running 1/4 of the way down the shirt and cuffs on Emma it has a roomy fit, there are a handful of buttons on the garment. Emma stands central in the frame her hands by her centre, with a big grin. She has brunette hair in a Pony Tail. The shade of blue of the top is a light blue, the kind of sky blue that isn't on a bright summers day, but on a nice light one. The sleeves of the top are full length with cuffs and like the bodice of the top are oversized.
In this photo Sophia is mid-laugh with a beautiful smile, her arms are back from her torso, you can see most of the pant, the pant is photographed from a slightly side on angle. It flows trouser length and is a bright cream, not a yellow-ish creme colour. The pants slightly ripple down Sophia's leg as she sits, it does so because the pants are a wider fit, it is not unflattering - so more comfortable yet flattering.
Sale New This image is a portrait of model Rebecca as she wears the Brighton Dress, by Twenty Seven names. The frame is taken from the end of the torso, upwards; there is whitespace (background) above Rebecca's head. Rebecca is a brunette, here she wears wavy curls which rest at her shoulder. In this image you can see the two rows of frills down the front of the dress, these rows continue onto the sleeve. The frills sit downwards against the dress and are created by a series of gathers. The first line of frills sits below the shoulders, the second line is directly below the first. After the two lines of frills, the babydoll dress flows into its skirt. However, below the second line of frills are some small pleat like gathers. You can see these in the image.
Sale Image shows a light skinned, brunette woman in a wheelchair. She is in front of a white background and is angled to the right, leaning back slightly in her chair. She is facing the camera and is holding both wheels of her chair. She is wearing a fitted ankle length dress with a high neck and attached tie which covers most of her neck. The fabric is a light cotton type with tiny grey and white stripes, the fit of the dress is form fitting around the stomach area, and sleeveless. She also wears black slip on sneakers with a decorative black bow and white soles.
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