Three women are on set, one a wheelchair user, the others with learning impairments; they wear bright dresses and you can see a light on the frame's edge

Creating a world where All is for  All

Two models, wheelchair users in retro mustard and deep blue outfits, are answering the phone, one holds a camera. They are making old school journalist faces.

We’re a consultancy and specialist creative agency. We work with brands and businesses, helping them be truly inclusive and accessible for disabled people.

About us

Shakti, a wheelchair user has a hat, trousers and sneakers on as well as a bum bag full of flowers. He's on a set and is kneeling down to the camera's level.

The work we do is changing the way society sees disability. Not as part of a problem to be solved – but part of our culture to be celebrated.

Our work

We help our clients unlock the power of disability inclusion

Shakti and chelsea sit near their wheelchairs on a set, in front of a green wall.


We create content and campaigns that are accessible to all.


We help broaden brands with disabled talent.


We do strategy, education, collaborations, and problem-solving.

Customer Experience

We design accessible experiences from end-to-end.

“Your dedicated support in building an authentic proposition is evident across the business. Your contribution is critical.”
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Jemma Garner

Principal Business Developer D&I, Zalando

All is for All is for all.

Big or small, we work with any and every business.


We believe in creating new opportunities for disabled people to reach new horizons.

The latest updates from All is for All and the disabled community.

Social commentaries

Authentic Representation. What is it, really?

Ari brings their unique perspective and eloquent wordsmithery to the topic of authentic representation in the disability space. This piece takes us on a journey through time, beginning in 20th-century disability history, before sending us on a wild ride of ideas and debates from Ari's colourful lens. Strap in for a wonderfully educational and mind-opening read.

Ari Kerssens
Ari Kerssens

The Royal Commission of Inquiry into Abuse in State Care

Bart recounts All is for All's recent involvement with the Royal Commission of Inquiry into Abuse in State Care, what this means for the disability community, and how you can get involved. Content warning: abuse & neglect.

Bart English
Bart English
Lived experiences

Travelling With Cerebral Palsy

Victoria has recently headed overseas for her big OE. In this piece, she tells of her experiences travelling the UK and Europe, whilst living with Cerebral Palsy. She also provides some tips on how to prepare for travel as a disabled person.

Victoria Baldwin
Victoria Baldwin